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Drone Shark Spotters

DJI Mavic Pro-Fly For Miles, From Your Pocket.

Government using shark drones off North Coast waters

“Drone Technology is fast becoming a popular tool for surveillance measures across the world”

Dr Paul Butcher
Fisheries Senior Research Scientist
Department of Primary Industries

$16 million shark strategy

“This (drone) technology has the potential to improve the way our emergency services respond when people find themselves in trouble.”

Mike Baird
Australian Politician
NSW State Premier

plane spotters missed almost 90% of sharks

“It is actually really scary how many animals don’t get seen. They spot about one in eight in optimal conditions. I have been calling for research into drones, for the last couple of years”

William Robbins
Research Scientist & Shark Biologist

the way of the future

Protection from sharks. Peace of mind.