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Welcome to DroneSharkSpotters.com

Let me tell you a little about myself; I am an avid surfer, veteran sailor, RC enthusiastic, animal lover and all round nice guy.

When easy to use drone technology first came out a number of years ago I told a few of my fellow surfers about my idea of having drones patrolling our beaches to alert us of any sharks in the area. They shrugged and said ‘yeah maybe’, that was 3 years ago.

Today we are looking at sophisticated drones equipped with algorithms to detect shapes in our oceans. At only $250,000aud each these babies should have been up in our skies years ago.

It took a fatal shark attack at my local break to shake me up and jump into action. Launching this website to raise awareness of what’s instore for the future of surfing and the future of sharks.

Join me as I discover more about the technology that can keep us all safe and the marine creatures behind our worst fears.


Founder of DroneSharkSpotters.com