Drones – The way of the Future

 Technology is moving so fast why is it taking so long to get Shark Surveillance Drones in the air. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are able to perform so many tasks already, from power line inspections to flying into a storm to collect data. Drones are undoubtedly transforming the way we live, work and play. Introducing, Drones – the way of the future.


Used to inspect the damage to Japans Fukushima nuclear power plant after the tsunami, inspecting mobile towers in Holland and capturing aerial views of construction sites to safety inspections on EasyJet aircraft’s in Britain, drones are cost effective, efficient and won’t call a strike.

Sports footage are old hacks at this kind of technology. Used in the 2015 Cricket World Cup, X-Games on ESPN, the Supercross Series and US Open on Fox.

Drones have had a positive impact on farming techniques such as in Japan where they have been using drones on steep hillside farmland to treat an acre in five minutes.

They play a massive role in border control, Homeland Security use drones to monitor and detect illegal migrants and smugglers along the Mexico border, where they are successfully captured by US Border Patrol agents.

The most practical use of this technology is in search and rescue missions. They drop flotation devices to the stranded in the Texas floods and saved many lives in Canada in rescue operations in Saskatoon and Nova Scotia. There is even an ambulance drone invented in the Netherlands, deployed to help anyone in cardiac arrest. The medic operator can give instructions to whoever’s nearby via the drone.

Surveillance Drones

The most widespread application is in the security and surveillance industry. Many governments use drones for high altitude surveillance, Boarder Control for anti-poaching, Police for road traffic monitoring, Correction Facilities for prison surveillance and Event Security to monitor large crowds. Yes, people big brother has been watching us for years.

Mining companies have jumped in on the act, using drones with multi-spectral imagery to find ore deposits. Also using them for inspecting power lines, roads, equipment, pit walls and entrances too dangerous for people.

Aerial views from drones are used to monitor wildlife populations, map roads and wetlands for land management. They capture footage of animals, birds and their eco-systems, helping in the protection of endangered species.  Parcel Delivery Drones

Japanese whaling ships are tracked and monitored by environmental activists with the help of drones. And soon drones will be flown into hurricanes to collect once noncollectable data. Flashback to the movie Twister.

Drone applications are endless, very soon they will be delivering parcels to your door, fighting fires, exploring lava lakes and controlling traffic. These pocket rockets are here to stay and one day, one may change your life for the better.




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Cheers – Stay safe people, in and out of the water.

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